Collections which offers a dynamic range of clothing for both Menswear and Womenswear. Each clothing is carefully constructed, and we make sure to provide timeless pieces along with durability. Constantly looking to refine our designs we carefully look at every detail on every clothing to ensure we put out the best garments to the world. With the brand only just recently launched we look grow and hopefully create a community that will help the brand become established.



We are a brand with a bigger purpose, to give back to the community, profits made from the range will be put back into a foundation @Nyambefootballacademy in Namibia. The foundation is a soccer school that will be also sponsored by Nyambe himself, the soccer school will be used to teach and nature kids about football and life. Our aim is to keep kids inspired and give them hope.



“Fashion is something I’ve been into ever since I was 13/14, almost being able to express yourself by wearing some garments is really something special."

“Trying to balance Football and getting into fashion is difficult, but I thought I’d start now rather than later because fashion is my love language and I’m willing to put my time into it."

“Currently, I’ve taught myself how to sew some pieces together and understanding the different forms of putting together a garment." "On the back end of my football career, I’ll be looking to get my fashion degree done."

“Fashion is my love language, and I love everything about it!”

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